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From Tomasz Skutnik <Tomasz.Skut...@e-point.pl>
Subject Re: New ClassLoader work
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2002 14:34:41 GMT
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Peter Donald wrote:
| On Wed, 4 Sep 2002 18:00, Tomasz Skutnik wrote:
|>Looks nice.I'd like to see it in action (right now I'm looking for
|>thread-safe Forehead replacement, and it seems to be possible choice).
|>Do you need some help?
| I would LOVE some help. It currently does not do anything and is more
| than fully implemented proggies. Here are my plans on what I want to
do next.
| 1. First I want to write unit tests to verify that the loader works

You mean by that o.a.e.l.b.ClassLoaderSetBuilder class, or meta data
clasess or both? How would you think it should look like? IMHO testing
meta data classes is not very useless, as the're only containers without
any complicated logic, and the'll be tested indirectly anyway during
unit testing of other components that use them extensively. If talking
about ClassLoaderSetBuilder, I thought about putting some sample xml
files inside test/ directory, like folks from bzip2 subproject did.
Maybe we should use some sort of external framework (e.g. JXUnit -
http://jxunit.sourceforge.net), to shield us from (or lessen the impact
of) PITA of test rewriting on specification changes?

| 2. Then I want to write unit tests to verify that the verifier works
| (basically one or two tests for each of cases checked for in verifier)
| 3. Then I want to write the actual runtime (ie the thing that takes the
| MetaData and builds the set of ClassLoaders).
| 4. Then I want to write tests that unit test (3) really really well.
| 5. Want to write a bootstap "loader" program that is capable of
starting other
| programs (I suspec this is what Forehead does - though I have not really
| looked at it properly).
| Other things to do:
| 6. Figure out if there is better terms than "Join" and regular
| 7. write some more documentation (something simpler)
| 8. Add some examples
| You may notice that there is a lot of unit tests ;) Thats because
| and ClassLoader issues have been the major cause of headaches in
Phoenix so I
| want to make sure it is done right and does not break anything ;)

No problem with unit testing :-). Do you have any code written already?
I'd rather wait some time instead of writing from scratch something that
you might have already started ;-)

| However you should feel free to do what ever you want to do with it.
You can
| avoid (or do all of) the tests if you want ;)
|>BTW. I post some fixes I've made to dosc/sources.
| Applied - thanks!

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