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From Igor Fedorenko <ifedore...@thinkdynamics.com>
Subject Re: controlling access to blocks
Date Sun, 01 Sep 2002 14:57:59 GMT
Ok, I will post a patch for cvs HEAD later this coming week.

Btw, this stuff needs a little bit more from interceptor support then I
originally thought. Specifically jaas interceptor must access BlockInfo
somehow my guess through "Contextualizable" interface. It also needs to
be Initializable/Startable. In other words, interceptors need lifecycle
support as any other block (interceptor's lifecycle is couple with
lifecycle of its block, so implementation might get tricky). Should I
resubmit "interceptor patch" with this added functionality or should I
wait for you to check interceptor support in and extend it after that?

Peter Donald wrote:
> Hiya,
> On Sun, 1 Sep 2002 15:17, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
>>I am finishing implementation of a coarse-grain access control for
>>phoenix blocks and wonder if you are interesting in it.
>>What I am doing is pretty much driven by current ejb approach (if I got
>>it right :-) but with some simplifications. Basically, application
>>developer associates methods of service interface (sic) with logical
>>role or roles allowed to call the method. You could specify "unchecked"
>>as well as have settings for "all other methods" and, of course, there
>>is xdoclet support for all this. Application assembler maps logical
>>roles into physical roles of environment using simple xml file and
>>configures security interceptors for blocks (I still hope to see
>>interceptors committed into the cvs :-). I have JAAS interceptor but
>>other could be written easily. I still have some issues to resolve, like
>>how to assign security context with calls originated from phoenix
>>blocks, but otherwise I am almost there. The code lives in application
>>space but could be migrated into phoenix kernel if you would like to
>>adopt it. So, what do you think?
> I think it sounds fantastic. I am still working on integrating the interceptor 
> stuff in. However I don't want to change too much at a time because of the 
> upcoming release. Maybe it may be time to branch for release purposes and 
> then we could keep applying your stuff to main tree where it wont effect the 
> release. That may be the best idea ....

Igor Fedorenko
Think smart. Think automated. Think Dynamics.

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