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From Peter Donald <pe...@apache.org>
Subject Re: registering mbean with mbeanserver
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2002 11:35:48 GMT
On Mon, 2 Sep 2002 22:43, Jim Alateras wrote:
> I have upgraded to use the latest version of phoenix with MX4J. Once I add
> an MBean to my application how do I register it with the MBean Server?

The MBean server is not directly exposed to the blocks at this stage. In a few 
weeks we should have a mechanism via which you can expose objects to 
management system directly. However at the moment you have to do it the 
following way. 

* First you define your component as per usuall
* Then you define an interface via which you want your block to be managed. 
And make your block implement this interface
* then you place something like

  <!-- interfaces that may be exported to manange this block -->
    <service name="com.biz.MyServiceMBean"/>

to your xinfo file. If you are autogenerating your xinfo file via xdoclet then 
you add something like the following to your class level javadoc

@phoenix:mx name="com.biz.MyServiceMBean"

This will expose a very raw MBean to the MBeanServer. If you want to add 
descriptions and prettier display names and all that jazz then you need to 
either hand write a mxinfo file (management extension file) but that is not 
recomended. It would be wiser to generate this file from xdoclet markup in 
file. Download latest phoenix and look in the docs to see how it works (I 
think the docs are prefixed with guide-mx-*). The docs are mostly done but I 
believe Huw was going to touch it up before release. Look in the 
o.a.a.phoenix.interfaces.* package for examples of interfaces marked up.

I believe it is also possible to just markup Blocks to expose management info 
though not sure about that.


Peter Donald
Murphy's law - "Anything that can go wrong, will." 
(Actually, this is Finagle's law, which in itself 
shows that Finagle was right.)

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