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From "Daniel Krieg" <dkr...@kc.rr.com>
Subject Re: Phoenix and the Web
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2002 11:18:36 GMT
Ulrich ,

I am currently working on Catalina Sevak.  The current project that I am
working on consists of a series of services to be deployed into Phoenix.  I
must be able to allow webapps to access these other services...a requirement
not yet implemented by Sevak.  Addtionally I may need to allow these
services to update/add/remove webapps that are currently deployed.  The
approach that I have taken so far is to create Avalon-based classes to
implement the required interfaces and have these classes dynamically
delegate to Tomcat-based classes using reflection.  Thus far I have
implemented a bootstrap mechanism that replicates the Tomcat startup script
and a custom Catalina Server implementation the eliminates the standard
socket-based shutdown used by Tomcat.  My goal is to eventually have a
custom Context class that delegates to Tomcat's StandardContext, adding
functionality as needed.  One such instance is in creating the
ServletContext.  By implementing this custom Context, I hope to be able to
set things like the ServiceManager into the ServletContext as an
attribute...what do you think?

> given my recent (unsuccessful) endeavour of getting Jo! to run under
Phoenix, I
> began to wonder what a connection between Phoenix and the Web could/should
> like. I think it is imperative for a server application framework and an
> applicaton server to be able to serve the Web.
I think that Web application components would like to be able to access and
utilize the services of other components within Phoenix as if the Web
application was itself a phoenix component.  I imagine that other components
might require the ability to deploy web applications, create custom Service
blocks within the web server, start/stop these service blocks, etc.  For
example, say that I have created a phoenix service that controls an external
hardware resource and want to be able to manipulate that service via a web
application.  I would need to create a block that depends on Sevak and has
the ability to specify a webapp Context that contains references back to
itself, and to specify which Host within Sevak this webapp should be
deployed to.

> Here are some options I can think of:
> 1) There is a class called PhoenixServlet, but it is labelled as
> It does not seem to do very much either. What is its purpose?
Phoenix is an application server kernel...utilizing Phoenix as a component
embedded within a Web Container does not make much sense.

> 2) Jo! and Sevak can run servlets, but they have no native way to
> with other apps (except via AltRMI or similar methods). I don't think it
> possible to persuade the developers of Jo! or Catalina to componentize
> designs to accommodate Avalon/Phoenix. But everything else is just a hack.
If they won't componentize their design, we must create abstract wrappers to
adapt the two.

> 3) How about an ajpv12 or ajpv13 component? Maybe the code can be nicked
> Catalina and repackaged as a component. Then every Phoenix app could just
> that component and be fully connected to everyone who supports mod_jk or
> mod_jserv (mainly the Apache httpd, but also some other webservers).
You lost me here...what is the advantage?

> 4) MX4J already has a HTTPConnector, but it is fairly limited to JMX. But
> just need a way to pass control to an arbitrary app and give back a
> maybe it can be done with MX4J?
> 5) Development of a HTTP component. It does not need to be a full-blown
> webserver, we just need to speak HTTP. For access control, URL rewriting,
> handling and all those other fancy features we could rely on an external
> webserver and assume that he makes sure to forward only "safe and
> HTTP requests to us for backend processing. Connections have to be limited
> that webserver, though. Most webservers have a way to forward HTTP
requests to
> another webserver.
If you are looking for a way to provide web access via Sockets, I believe
such components exist within Excalibur that can be used within Phoenix.

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