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From "David W." <davew...@optonline.net>
Subject Re: More configurable SystemManager.
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2002 22:55:38 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:
> > Thought 4)
> >
> > Phoenix does not currently provide a configuration method that allows
> > user to execute/make available arbitrary JMX-compliant beans. That is
> > precisely the problem that the <mbean> format is designed to solve.
> > format is actually directly competing with Phoenix's own methods of
> > configuration, just without inherent support for features like the
> > lifecycle (which could easily be made available).  It is a separate and
> > complete solution -- why make it dependant on Phoenix configuration
> Not sure what you mean. In the future it will hopefully be possible to
> integrate into other systems much easier. This includes being able to
> these mbean files.

I was just speculating that you could completely configure Phoenix with
nothing but the sort of <mbean> records in JBoss.  All it would take is

a) The requirement that all Avalon/Phoenix managed objects have an MBean
interface.  The MBean interface would be the place where support for Avalon
lifecycle interfaces is declared (i.e. class MyBlock implements
MyBlockMBean, and interface MBlockMBean extends Startable, Initializable,

b) A prefix for the ObjectName that makes it clear something is to be
managed by Avalon.  Example: <mbean code="pak.FooService"

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