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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [five improvements to avalon/phoenix (a.k.a. - Merlin in Phoenix)]
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2002 11:52:53 GMT

Shekhar Jha wrote:

>So how to go about using merlin in Phoenix.
>Installation steps would be helpful. Do I need to replace the kernel in
>kernel.xml with your class (where is it) 

I've implemeted this as a Phoenix application.
(doing a Phoenix kernel opens up a can-of-worms that I'm net ready to 
deal with just at the moment)

>and what else?

I'm assuming you have already done a checkout of the excalibur/assembly
project (the Merlin 2 content).

If you execute the "sar" ant target, the build will generate the file
build/lib/marlin-2.0a.sar.  This files is Phoenix application that reads
in a file called kernel.xml from the same directory as as the sar file
is installed.  For example, if you install the sar file in apps/ the
you need to include a kernel.xml in the apps directory.  Merlin will
execute just the same but relative to the apps/ diectory.

The kernel.xml file contains the defintion of the Merlin system, including
logging, extension directories, classpath per container, container 
etc.  If you interested I can send you an example of running the Merlin 
applications from the Phoenix dist/apps directory.

Cheers, Steve.

>Stephen McConnell <mcconnell@apache.org> wrote:
>>Have just completed updates to enable Merlin to run as a block in Phoenix.
>>Here is the log of a set of demo applications executing under Melin 
>>under Phoenix.  
>>The demo add the following advanced functionality to Phonix:
>>  * Creation of a container hierachy within Phoenix
>>  * demonstration of a custom container inside a root container
>>  * demonstration of automatic assembly (including implicit and package 
>>profile deployment)
>>  * demonstration of advanced context and configuration management
>>  * demonstration of dynamic type loading and deployment
>>Cheers, Steve.
>>Using PHOENIX_HOME:   F:\dev\jakarta-avalon-phoenix\dist
>>Using PHOENIX_TMPDIR: F:\dev\jakarta-avalon-phoenix\dist\temp
>>Using JAVA_HOME:      F:\system\jdk\1.4.1
>>Phoenix 4.0a4
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub): initialization of a custom container
>>[INFO   ] (root): start: basic#23845098, exploit#20012340, 
>>demonstratable#33168310, simple#26435810, complex
>>[DEBUG  ] (root.complex): service
>>[DEBUG  ] (root.complex): initialize
>>[INFO   ] (root.basic#23845098): Hello. from 'Paris'.
>>[INFO   ] (root.exploit#20012340): initialize
>>[INFO   ] (root.simple#26435810): incarnation stage
>>[INFO   ] (root.simple#26435810): create id: 14247437, 
>>[INFO   ] (root.simple#26435810): message: Hello.
>>[INFO   ] (root.simple#26435810): access id: 14247437, 
>>[DEBUG  ] (root.complex.init): ready
>>[INFO   ] (root.complex): ready
>>[DEBUG  ] (root.complex): starting
>>[DEBUG  ] (root.complex): started
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub): start
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo): start: [basic#23845098], [exploit#20012340], 
>>[demonstratable#33168310], simple, embedder
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.simple): incarnation stage
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.simple): create id: 6588476, 
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.simple): message: This is a custom message.
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.simple): access id: 6588476, 
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.embedder): initialize
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.embedder): creating kernel
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.embedder): dynamic profile: Profile name: 
>>simple2, type: simple, mode: EXPLICIT
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.embedder): installation sucessfull
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.embedder): starting
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.working): start
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.working.admin): start: [basic#23845098], 
>>[exploit#20012340], [demonstratable#33168310], simple2
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.working.admin.simple2): incarnation stage
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.working.admin.simple2): create id: 10378355, 
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.working.admin.simple2): message: This is a 
>>custom message.
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.working.admin.simple2): access id: 10378355, 
>>JVM exiting abnormally. Shutting down Phoenix.
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo): stop: simple, embedder
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.simple): etherialize stage
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.simple): destroy id: 6588476, 
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.embedder): stopping
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.working.admin): stop: simple2
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.working.admin.simple2): etherialize stage
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.working.admin.simple2): destroy id: 10378355, 
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub.demo.working): stop
>>[INFO   ] (root.sub): stop
>>[INFO   ] (root): stop: complex, simple#26435810, basic#23845098, 
>>exploit#20012340, demonstratable#33168310
>>[DEBUG  ] (root.complex): stopping
>>[DEBUG  ] (root.complex): dispose
>>[INFO   ] (root.simple#26435810): release id: 14247437, 
>>[INFO   ] (root.simple#26435810): etherialize stage
>>[INFO   ] (root.simple#26435810): destroy id: 14247437, 
>>[INFO   ] (root.basic#23845098): stopping
>>[INFO   ] (root.exploit#20012340): dispose
>>Stephen J. McConnell
>>digital products for a global economy
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Stephen J. McConnell

digital products for a global economy

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