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From Igor Fedorenko <ifedore...@thinkdynamics.com>
Subject Re: three improvements to avalon/phoenix
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 14:59:25 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:
 > On Wed, 14 Aug 2002 06:58, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
 >> 2. Assemble-time configuration of services provided by a block An
 >> example of a block that needs assemble-time service configuration
 >> would be generic soap proxy block that implements whatever service
 >> is provided by a soap service the block is connected to. Here is an
 >> example configuration for such block <block name="my-block-remote"
 >> class="com.thinkdynamics.proxy.GlueProxy"> <services> <service
 >> name="com.thinkdynamics.blocks.MyBlock"/> </services> </block> To
 >> support this I needed to change two things. First I needed to allow
 >>  service definition in assemble.xml file. This change has a value
 >> of its own, for example, application assembler might want limit
 >> services provided by a block. Second change was to allow definition
 >> of blocks that support any service, to do that I defined
 >> org.apache.avalon.phoenix.Invocable interface which extends
 >> java.lang.reflect.InvocationHandler. If a block implements
 >> Invocable BlockInvocationHandler calls block.invoke method instead
 >> of method.invoke(block).
 > One thing I have been playing with recently is the following.
 > <block name="my-block-remote" impl="soap://www.biz.com/MyWebService">
 >  </block>
 > Ignoring for the moment that I don't know anything about soap so the
 > above is probably wrong way to designate a service. Alternatively you
 > could look at it as remote blocks via
 > <block name="my-block-remote"
 > impl="rmi://brainstem.dyndns.org/kane/ScoreDatabase"
 > factory="org.apache.avalon.factorys.RMIFactory"> </block>
 > The above would tell the container to load a component via the
 > RMIFactory using the key
 > "rmi://brainstem.dyndns.org/kane/ScoreDatabase". The RMIFactory would
 > implement an interface like
 > public interface BlockFactory {
 >     BlockInfo createBlockInfo( String implKey );
 >     Object createBlock( String implKey );
 > }
 > The RMIFactory would know that it has to look up the component in the
 > RMI registry and that the component exposed certain interfaces
 > (basically all its remote ones). The BlockInfo would be created to
 > depends on the RMIRegistry block and expose the remote services etc.
 > I have implemented this in another container and it was relatively
 > successful if a little bit more complex for the assembler.
 > Thoughts? Would this suit your needs?

Not exactly. Soap does not have to be java, so getting "all remote
interfaces" of none-java service would be tricky. Of course, one could 
write a factory that is smart enough to map soap urls into java 
interfaces, but this sounds like hiding problems instead of solving them.

Btw, I still do not understand what is wrong with defining services at 
assemble time. It is the assembler who knows what he wants from remote 
objects (in fact, I believe that the same applies to local objects as 
well). If we can determine list of services implemented by a block, 
great, we can provide that list as a "default" value and safe the 
assembler from some redundant work. But it should be possible to 
overwrite that default, should the assembler want to do so.

Igor Fedorenko
Think smart. Think automated. Think Dynamics.

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