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From Igor Fedorenko <ifedore...@thinkdynamics.com>
Subject configurable installer patch
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2002 23:19:36 GMT

Attached is a patch that allows installation of applications from file 
structures other then packaged sar-file. Plus I've included _prototype_ 
of an installer that installs applications directly from Eclipse 
workspace. How to apply, install and test

1. Apply attached patch and rebuild phoenix
2. I assume that you are using eclipse 2.0 and your workspace is 
location is c:\temp\eclipse.workspace
3. Start eclipse, goto Window->Preferences->Java->Classpath_variables 
and add new variable PHONIX_HOME and point to your phoenix directory. It 
is used to locate phoenix libraries.
4. In eclipse, create two java projects phoenix-demo-app and 
phoenix-demo-blocks. Expand attached phoenix-demo.zip somewhere and 
inport projects from corresponding directories (i.e. phoenix-demo-app 
from zip:phoenix-demo-app and phoenix-demo-blocks from 
zip:phoenix-demo-blocks). It is important that both project were located 
inside eclipse workspace.
5. Copy attached eclipse-deployer.jar into $PHOENIX_HOME/bin/lib
6. Edit $PHOENIX_HOME/conf/kernel.xml, replace Installer with

  <component role="org.apache.avalon.phoenix.interfaces.Installer"
7. Start phoenix with
   run --application=c:\temp\eclipse.workspace\phoenix-demo-app

A word of disclaimer: eclipse-deployer.jar is a prototype so do not take 
it too seriously. It is neither robust, feature complete implementation 
nor an example of qaulity java code.

Igor Fedorenko
Think smart. Think automated. Think Dynamics.

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