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From Alexis Agahi <a...@users.sourceforge.net>
Subject Re: Problems testing Phoenix prior to beta.
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2002 09:12:02 GMT
Huw Roberts wrote:
> Hi Paul, you wrote on 8/8/02 10:14:23 PM:
>>It looks like the files I puploaded (has anyone else tested these?) are 
>>not OK for JMX.  All the bits are there and JMX is available, but the 
>>HelloWorld block is not visible.  Could someone PLEASE do an independent 
>>confirmation of the uploaded files.  I have also tried an compeltey 
>>clean build of the same (fresh checkout from CVS) and it is no different.
>>I need some serious help here doing some problem elimination.  The 
>>problem could be in Phoenix, or in the HelloWorld demo, or my machines 
>>(multiple).  I just need help sorting this out.
> Thanks for providing the earlier information.  I downloaded the binary release from 8-7
and, sure enough, all the mbeans under the phoenix domain were missing.  I was able to determine
that the problem has something to do with the conf/kernel.xml element:
> <stylesheets-dir>conf/xsl</stylesheets-dir>
> in the SystemManager element.  i deleted that section entire so it looks like:
>         <component role="org.apache.avalon.phoenix.interfaces.SystemManager"
>             class="org.apache.avalon.phoenix.components.manager.MX4JSystemManager"
>             logger="manager" >
>           <manager-adaptor-port>8082</manager-adaptor-port>
>           <enable-rmi-adaptor>false</enable-rmi-adaptor>
>         </component>
> and i was able to see these mbeans:
>  Phoenix:application=avalon-demo,block=helloworldserver,topic=Greeting
>  Phoenix:application=avalon-demo,topic=Application
>  Phoenix:component=ConfigurationManager,topic=ConfigurationRepository
>  Phoenix:component=ConfigurationValidator,topic=ConfigurationValidator
>  Phoenix:component=Deployer,topic=Deployer
>  Phoenix:component=Embeddor,topic=Embeddor
>  Phoenix:component=ExtensionManager,topic=ExtensionManager
>  Phoenix:component=Kernel,topic=Kernel 
> can you confirm removing this line fixes it for you?  if so then i'll either fix it so
that works, or remove it...  

I've tested without
in the kernel.xml
And all the mbeans under the phoenix domain are still missing...

Since I'm not really sure to be looking at the right place, here 
is a snapshot of my browser. Anyway in all tabs I cannot see any 
Phoenix domain.

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