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From Shekhar Jha <shekhar-...@usa.net>
Subject Merlin Queries
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2002 17:48:09 GMT
A few queries about merlin.

1. How is the categories known to the the application assembler or kernel.xml
writer? It seems he will have to look into each and every Component xinfo file
for the logger name. Would that be possible every time. Or is my point of view
more of result of flexibility syndrome.

2. What is difference between library tag and classpath tag? Would it have
provided a better facility if the library would have been available to
container and its children while classpath would have been specific to the
container itself. This may be important in cases for example of usage of
different SSL libraries by the container. I think this requirement is  met if
container classloader CLASSPATH are defined so that the classpath of the child
is prefixed to parent classpath. Is that how it is implemented?

3. In <context> tag what does merlin: or avalon: stand for? Is it just to
distinguish the key types as merlin specific or avalon specific (i.e. name
space) or is it some additional processing directive?

4. Why is stage tag needed when it is the LifeCycle handler that needs to know
about the interfaces and those interfaces would be implemented by the

5. The document says that explicit profile over rides the packaged
configuration. But can this feature be used by a package/component user to
override security information specified in the package profile. Am I wrong or
do we need a "final" directive as a part of the profile definition.

I am sure there would be good reason for the above. Will help me understand
the product better.

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