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From Huw Roberts <...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Problems testing Phoenix prior to beta.
Date Sat, 10 Aug 2002 19:49:38 GMT
Hi Alexis, you wrote on 8/10/02 7:05:38 AM:

>Paul Hammant wrote:
>> Folks,
>> I am having trouble proving that the JMX facility in latest Phoenix 
>> works with the demo app ( avalon-demo.sar ).
>> Basically I just cannot see the management page for the HelloWorld 
>> block.  I have seen JMX working elsewhere (work), but cannot for the 
>> HelloWorld block which is our JMX showcase  Could someone confirm to me 
>> that there is nothing wrong as I think I would be foolish to see a 
>> release when I cannot see the management page with the setGreeting() 
>> method.
>Ok I've found what is wrong.
>In the conf/kernel.xml (when building phoenix from scratch)
>there is 2 declarations of
>role="org.apache.avalon.phoenix.interfaces.SystemManager" ...>
>And the first one is just before the comment
>"There is one JMX MBeanServer infrastructure...3
>So all the phoenix managed beans were registred thru the 
>You just have to remove this part to get it working perfectly ;)
>NOW I can SEE the phoenix mbean in the management interface.

Good catch!  Of course now you point it out its painfully obvious.

I was very sloppy when i did the editing to take out that line and test - somehow i cleaned
up the conf file a little bit without realizing it.  

Now i can reproduce the problem and then fix it by making the change you outline.

Hopefully this is the only problem, and management is out of the way for the release.

- Huw

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