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From Huw Roberts <...@mmlive.com>
Subject RE: Management Targets, Topics and XML Generation of Management I nfo
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2002 04:18:34 GMT

I don't know how to do the fancy quotes of previous emails (I'm using
Outlook Web Access) so here's my response to questions/comments from Peter
and Leo.

Regarding DTD and hard coding of log messages, i'm taking care of that now.
How about if I just resubmit all patches and new classes so they can be
applied more easily?

I'll have more to say about the proxy stuff (in the documentation, right?) -
basically it's a way to define a facade or wrapper class around a managed
object so data types can be mapped, and to provide additional flexibility in
a JMX-independant way.  A good example of where this might make sense is the
FTP app, where the FtpServerImpl doesn't do a whole lot, but holds
references to objects that do.

Attached are the mxinfo files for the three classes sent yesterday.

- Huw

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