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From Huw Roberts <...@mmlive.com>
Subject Re: Management Targets, Topics and XML Generation of Management I nfo
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2002 05:28:19 GMT

That's all great you say, but I need some examples to see how it works...

... so here it goes.

1) I've added the management tags to three classes:

- DefaultApplication
- DefaultDeployer
- HelloWorldServerMBean

The changes to these are all in the javadoc, no 'code' changes are needed.
Each is in a seperate patch file, each made in the same directory as the

2) To get them to build, the build scripts for Phoenix and the HelloWorld
demo are also modified slightly.

3) there are some changes to new classes, which supercede those sent in
yesterday's post:
- org.apache.avalon.phoenix.tools.xdoclet.MxInfoSubTask.java
  no longer skips interfaces, so it is possible to 'describe' the existing

- org.apache.avalon.phoenix.tools.xdoclet.mxinfo.j
  will use the javadoc description if the method is specified as a
management method with @phoenix:mx-operation or @phoenix-attribute but does
not have a @phoenix:mx-description tag

4) one last thing, in order for xdoclet to work in the phoenix build,
log4j-core.jar needs to be in the jakarta-avalon-phoenix/lib directory.

enjoy! - huw

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