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From Steve Osselton <st...@prismtechnologies.com>
Subject Re: [Re: Architectural Question]
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 20:07:34 GMT
In the CORBA world I think the Externalisation service is essentially 'dead'
in that the spec. had some flaws and was never actually implemented by anyone.
The PSS is effectively the CORBA equivalent of JDO in that you end up with
generated persistent classes that the underlying infrastructure persists.

However the majority of CORBA persistence is generally implemented in an ad
hoc manner as the Portable Object Adapter (POA) specification provides
activation hooks that allow the easy integration of any back end persistence
mechanism (typically serialization or JDBC in the Java world).

Cheers Steve.

Steve Short wrote:
> Corbaservices has both Persistent State Service and an Externalization
> Service (for recording/retrieving an objects state to/from streams).  
> Steve
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>>From: Berin Loritsch [mailto:bloritsch@apache.org] 
>>Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2002 11:19 AM
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>>Subject: RE: [Re: Architectural Question]
>>>From: Juozas Baliuka [mailto:baliuka@mail.lt]
>>>I am not CORBA expert, but as I remember it has some standard
>>>way for persistence. Is it about some standard CORBA 
>>>persistence service ? It some untested code in 
>>>commons-sanbox/simplestore with Phoenix support, but it 
>>>designed to be transactional and I do not know any 
>>>"TransactionManager" implementation for Phoenix at this time.
>>CORBA has a standard for Transactions--which is separate from
>>persistence.  To my knowledge, there isn't a standard for persistence,
>>but there is one for dynamic activation.  You could technically
>>take advantage of the dynamic activation and load the information
>>at that time.  When the CORBA component is destroyed, it can be
>>saved to whatever persistence layer.
>>However, there is nothing like EJBs to my knowledge in the the
>>CORBA world.
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