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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@osm.net>
Subject Re: James 2.0a3 problems
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 17:57:02 GMT

Looks like something the Avalon Phoenix guys should be loking at.
I've cross-posted this message to the phoenix list bacuase it looks like 
more a Phoenix issue than a James issue.

Cheers, Steve.

Serge Sozonoff wrote:

>Hi All,
>I am having trouble running James on my RedHat linux 7.3 with the IBM Java SDK 1.3.1
>I keep getting this error when I start things up.
>[root@qube3-home bin]# ./run.sh 
>Phoenix 4.0a4
>Application file:/usr/local/james/apps/james.sar uses a deprecated packaging format.
>James 2.0a3
>        stackpointer=0xbedff1e8
>Writing Java core file ....
>Unexpected exception has occurred:
>ReportedExceptionCode = b, at ExceptionAddress = 40015b4b
>        ACCESS_VIOLATION occured outside Interpreter and JITed code
>        ExecMode = EXECMODE_BYTECODE
>Written Java core to javacore.txt
>./run.sh: line 46:  6952 Illegal instruction     $JAVA_HOME/bin/java $JVM_OPTS -jar $PHOENIX_HOME/bin/phoenix-loader.jar
>I have tried re-installing James and even recompiling it on this machine to no avail.
>Any thoughts?
>If it helps, I can provide the javacore.txt file
>Thanks, Serge
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Stephen J. McConnell

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