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From Steve Osselton <st...@prismtechnologies.com>
Subject Re: Architectural Question
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 17:37:46 GMT
Hi Leo,

Leo Simons wrote:

>>We're starting to use Avalon
> you like it so far?

Yes. It is the sort of thing we have done with our own framework, but more
advanced and formalized. I like the general model and separation of concerns and
belive it to be well suited for supporting a CORBA server framework

>>and have components that require persistent
>>initialization (creation of table/entries) and destruction (removal of said
>>tables/entries). I was wondering why this is not supported as a framework
>>activity interface?
> there hasn't been enough need, I guess...besides it would make the
> framework considerably more complex. Everything specified as an
> 'official' lifecycle interface is something that needs to work in every
> application. Since database portability is JNP (just not possible), we'd
> have to include a database activation/passivation abstraction layer
> within the framework as well.

I wasn't actually thinking of how a component actually did it's own persistence,
simply of modelling state transition operations in a simple interface. I was
assuming that a persistent component would itself uses another configured component
for persistence but that this mechanism would still in effect be coded within
the persistent component (typically calls to a database via JDBC).

You've given me a few more things to look at. I'm still coming up to speed on
some of this stuff :-)

Thanks Steve.

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