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From Steve Osselton <st...@prismtechnologies.com>
Subject Re: Architectural Question
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 16:58:02 GMT
Hi Peter,

I agree that Initializable are Disposable are currently the places where this
functionality can be bolted in. However I think that conceptually these are different
to persistent creation/destruction. I was reading the developers guide which seemed
very big on the separation of concerns which is why I though a new activity
interface might be appropriate.

Currently we are moving to use the framework classes with our own CORBA container.
We are doing this as we are in effect migrating an existing system which we will
probably complete in a number of stages. I'll have a look at Fortress to see what
it offers.

Cheers Steve.

Peter Royal wrote:
> On Thursday 18 July 2002 02:21 am, Steve Osselton wrote:
>>We're starting to use Avalon and have components that require persistent
>>initialization (creation of table/entries) and destruction (removal of said
>>tables/entries). I was wondering why this is not supported as a framework
>>activity interface? I was expecting so see something like a 'Persistent'
>>interface with 'create' and 'destroy' operations.
> Unfortunately I haven't been around long enough to give a good answer on why 
> there is nothing akin to 'Persistent', other than it was never needed by 
> everyone and thus never included in the core framework.
> With that said, I would recommend using Initializable and Disposable to handle 
> your persistent needs.
> Also, what container are you using? Fortress now has support for an extensible 
> lifecycle, http://jakarta.apache.org/avalon/excalibur/fortress/features.html 
> and 
> http://cvs.apache.org/viewcvs.cgi/jakarta-avalon-excalibur/fortress/src/xdocs/lifecycle-extensions.xml?rev=1.2&content-type=text/vnd.viewcvs-markup

> (I don't think its made it to the site yet).
> -pete

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