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From Leif Mortenson <l...@tanukisoftware.com>
Subject Re: Sevak and the tools.jar file
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 05:55:17 GMT
    I got most of this done, but am trying to figure out how Phoenix 
should be finding the ext
jars.   The ext directory already existed, but jars placed there would 
not be found.  The lib dir
is not even on the class path.  The jars there are found because of the 
parameter being passed to the JVM.  I understand why this is necessary 
to tell the JVM to
look there for its XML jars rather than in the JVM's ext dir.
    As the lib directory was not being included in the initial class 
path to load the JVM, I assumed
that the Main class would be adding the files there and using them to 
load the rest of Phoenix.
But that does not appear to be happening right now.  Main finds the 
phoenix-engine.jar, but the
other jars are only available because of the -Djava.ext.dirs property.

    How should I proceed here?  Adding the jars in the ext directory to 
the classpath, of course
fixes the problem.  But that seems counter to design.  It is also 
possible to change the java.ext.dirs
property to include the ../ext directory.

    I think that the needed fix is to create a method in Main which 
creates a classpath of all jar and
zip files in the lib and ext directories.  This classpath will then be 
used to load and launch the
CLIMain class.  Currently, the phoenix-engine.jar file is located in the 
bin directory and then
all other classes are found in the "JVM ext" directory.

    Doing this would also make it possible to move the 
phoenix-engine.jar file into the lib directory.
Is there any reason why the phoenix-loader.jar file is not over there as 

Any reason why the following is in the dist-lite task?  If there is a 
reason, it should have a comment.
        <copy todir="${bin.dist.lib}/">
            <fileset dir="${build.lib}">
                <include name="phoenix-client.jar"/>
                <include name="phoenix-client.jar"/>
                <include name="phoenix-client.jar"/>

I'll await your comments before going any farther.


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