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From Leif Mortenson <l...@tanukisoftware.com>
Subject Wrapper capable release versions.
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 03:43:41 GMT
Hi all,
    I went ot install the James Email server today.  It is built on top 
of Phoenix and seems to work great.
The problem is that I am running on Windows and with their default 
install, the Wrapper is not included.
This means that James can not be installed a service.

    I was trying to think of how we could make it easier for other 
projects to build Phoenix applications
which included the Wrapper by default.   The Wrapper is not 100% Java, 
so it would require platform
specific distributions.

    What are your thoughts about modifying the build to produce platform 
specific distributions,
enabling users to get their hands on a Wrapper enabled full release of 
Phoenix without having to
do any builds themselves.

    I was thinking of creating the following distribution files, in 
addition to the current src files.:
phoenix-4.0a4-bin.zip    (100% version)
phoenix-4.0a4-bin.tar.gz    (100% version)
phoenix-4.0a4-win32-bin.zip    (Wrapper enabled)
phoenix-4.0a4-linux-bin.tar.gz    (Wrapper enabled)
phoenix-4.0a4-solaris-bin.tar.gz    (Wrapper enabled)

    The wrapper enabled versions would have to be built from the 
appropriate platforms.

    I would also like to change the way the Wrapper is installed in the 
Phoenix distribution by
moving its files into the standard location as well as adding the 
appropriate startup scripts.
The wrapper enabled releases would replace the run.bat/sh scripts with 
Wrapper enabled

dist/bin/Wrapper.exe (Win32)
dist/bin/Wrapper.dll (Win32)
dist/bin/wrapper (Linux/Solaris)
dist/bin/libwrapper.so (Linux/Solaris)

dist/bin/Wrapper.exe (Win32)
dist/bin/Phoenix.bat (Win32)
dist/bin/InstallPhoenix-NT.bat (Win32)
dist/bin/UninstallPhoenix-NT.bat (Win32)
dist/bin/wrapper (Linux/Solaris)
dist/bin/phoenix.sh (Linux/Solaris)
dist/lib/Wrapper.dll (Win32)
dist/lib/libwrapper.so (Linux/Solaris)

    Adding the scripts would make it much easier for users to get up and 

    Ideally, other projects, like James, could then use the appropriate 
distributions to build
their own Wrapper enabled distributions.


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