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From Peter Donald <pe...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Management Metainfo
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 00:46:25 GMT
On Wed, 17 Jul 2002 14:06, Huw Roberts wrote:
> We need to select the format for how the metainfo will be stored
> internally. I can think of three options
> 1) new classes written for this purpose
> 2) the java.beans classes plus a limited number of new classes
> 3) the model mbean classes plus a limited number of new classes
> i thought about it a lot, and believe that using the model mbean classes
> makes the most sense. 

sounds good to me.

 there would also be a limited number of custom
> classes to represent the additional structure that managed classes inherit
> from being written for/deployed to phoenix.  the only draw back i can see
> is that as the jmx spec evolves phoenix management would need to stay more
> or less in step.  i think its worth the tradeoff.  does anyone have any
> thoughts/preferences?

I like JMX and think thats probably the best way to move. I would prefer it if 
no actual JMX code needed to be in the .sar file (I don't believe it does?) 
and it was all done in the manager. (The manager can load xml descriptors via 
classes like object.getClass().getResourceAsStream("blah.xmbean");

> assuming that's good, i did a search on google for jmx and xml and one of
> the first things i came across was the common's own modeler package.  it
> includes utility classes for contructing model mbeans, and includes the
> code to generate them from xml.  would it be expedient to adapt that to our
> purposes?  if so, would it get copied to excalibur?  i don't know phoenix
> stands wrt to the commons as they seem to overlap in some areas.

I haven't actually looked at the commons one. I vaguely recall that it 
registered a bunch of different mbeans per descriptor rather than just one. 
Thus it is probably not suitable for us as such. Though it would be useful to 
use the same or similar format to describe the mbeans.


Peter Donald
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