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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject BeanShell Kernel.
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2002 22:22:54 GMT

Prompted by Brian Olsen's questions on remote management, I thought I'd 
do a quick extension to Phoenix's DefaultKernel.  This Kernel mounts and 
opens a BeansShell GUI, that is a tap right into the Kernel.

There are comand prtapps, prtblocks and more that I am still working on. 
 It's a neat tool for those wanting a visible window on the Kernel other 
than the via the JMX route.

Here is a dialog copy/pasted from the GUI as a result of commands I 
typed interactively :

    bsh % prtapps();
    0 avalon-demo
    bsh % prtblocks("avalon-demo");
    0 objectstorage
    1 scheduler
    2 thread-manager
    3 packet-manager
    4 connections
    5 helloworldserver
    6 sockets
    bsh % blk = getblock("avalon-demo","helloworldserver");
    bsh % blk.setGreeting("Happy Birthday");

    The above is me poking the the helloworld block from the 'demo' app.

Apart from more commands (to make life easy from a typing point of 
view), there is also the possibility of the remote Beanshell applet.

To activate, see the new props at the end of the ant.properties.sample 
file for Phoenix.  Enjoy.


- Paul

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