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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: management GUI
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2002 15:17:18 GMT
> > If I can deploy a client/server setup where I provide a client with two
> > files  (server.exe and client.exe) he'll be impressed. Nevermind that
> > there's no advantage over a swing client over a web client for
> > management of avalon itself -- there's an advantage when you can
> > customize the client to also manage your blocks...some people might be
> > using the client all day long.
> The JMX-based web interface (we're using it with MX4J) is absolutely
> sufficient for management tasks. I think it's overkill to provide more
> than that for the simple task of managing and configuring Avalon /
> Phoenix itself and my own SAR applications and blocks.

that's okay. It all depends on how complex the blocks is whether you
talk about a "simple task" or not, though. For example, I have an
elaborate CMS with phoenix as the backbone. I'll be building a GUI for
that; it'd be so easy for a user if the management of phoenix was just
another button in that GUI.

> However, it is not sufficient for real web applications. It is not
> customizable enough for that - maintenance becomes hell, if you leave
> the generic path. So, if the general plan is to build the client-side to
> a web application, whose server-side is a Phoenix app, then I'm all for
> it. However, this will probably duplicate efforts with the Cocoon
> project.

hmm. Phoenix already has pluggable management protocol (the only one atm
is JMX though). I'm thinking either a client that talks to the
MBeanServer in phoenix, or one that talks to a different kind of server
(maybe SOAP or something BSH-like).


- Leo

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