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From Richard Wallace <rwall...@a--i--m.com>
Subject Mulitple components of same ROLE
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 00:58:55 GMT
Hey guys,

I've been working with Larry on a AAA
(Authentication/Authorization/Auditing) framework for cornerstone.  One
of the things that we're discussing is if we should have support for
multiple Realms similar to the way PAM and JAAS have multiple
LoginModules.  I'm thinking that it would be similar in function to the
way JAAS does it, but alleviates the need for relying on the JAAS API
and creating a JAASRealm that would have to be used to get this feature.

I have two questions about this, I guess:
1)  Does this sound like a feature people would be interested in?  If
there isn't a lot of need for it we'll put it on the back burner and
maybe write an implementation later that will support it.

2)  We're deciding that (at least within phoenix) Realms will be
configured and provided to the Authenticator as blocks.  So, if we
decide to support multiple realms how do we provide multiple components
that implement the same role (in this case Realm) to a Serviceable
component?  Or would that not be the right interface to implement? 
What, other than Serviceable, should it become to accomplish this?

Richard Wallace
AIM, Inc. (www.a--i--m.com)
Information Systems Consultants

"Providing New Technology,
     the Old-Fashioned Way"

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