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From "Danny Angus" <da...@apache.org>
Subject RE: Classpath question
Date Fri, 31 May 2002 21:47:40 GMT

1st, thanks for the big reply Paul.

> 1) First of all you should separate interface and impl of maillets. 

Done already.
> 2) The maillet developer should compile completely outside a 
> JAMES/phoenix distribution.  The maillet-api.jar should be in that 
> developer's lib directory.  

Ok, I guessed that bit ..

> The maillet should be (if not already) 
> zipped into a jar file with a special manifest JAMES-INF/maillets.xml

> 3) James should dynamically load maillet jars from a directory within 
> the sar file

it does I think..

> 4) James should also dynamically load maillet jars via a service api 
> (for other Phoenix blocks)

Not sure what this means exactly, but understand the principle

> 5) James should mount each mailet jar in a separate classloader (see 
> Jesktop and EOB).  The parent of the classloader should be the system 
> classloader (which has all the J2SE packages in it plus the those in 
> phoenix/lib.  

I'll look at Jesktop/EOB

> The impl of James is hidden from the maillet.

> good.

> It's a big task, but you'll be really pleased you did it.  You can copy 
> as much code as you like from Jesktop and EOB 

's what I like to hear :-)



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