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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: documentation updated; help needed
Date Sun, 12 May 2002 21:06:51 GMT

Great work dude.

>- The features document (features.xml) (which is brand-new and
>  incomplete)
I have had a look at this and find it difficult to find a point at which 
to add things.  That is a compliment :-)

Also, I have a small problem with the use of the word 'component' and 
how you use it with 'block'.  I see things as services, with the block 
as the impl.  Thus phrases like 'A service could have many block 

>Complaints about the difficulty of doing so will not be listened to as
>the process merely consists of getting jakarta-avalon-phoenix from CVS,
>editing the xml files in src/xdocs, testing them by typing
>ant docs -buildfile docs.xml
Here here!

>in the root of that module, looking at the generated docs in build/docs
>to check they are ok, then committing the changes to src/xdocs, and
>copying changed files in build/docs over to
>jakarta-avalon-site/docs/phoenix and committing those changed files.
>(smiling :P)
The copy can be done en-masse with :-

  ant -buildfile docs.xml site-docs

After that, you could cherry pick the ones you want to commit.


- Paul H

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