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From Peter Royal <pro...@apache.org>
Subject [proposal] Deploying "unconfigured" & mgmt console
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2002 18:00:18 GMT
(First a bit of background. The company I work for sells an application that 
is based upon phoenix, we ship phoenix proper + a SAR. Currently we have our 
installation program (InstallAnywhere) modifying specific tags in config.xml 
for the deployed app, a PITA)

This may get a bit wandery, so I'll apoligize in advance.


I would like to introduce a new notion into the phoenix kernel, an 
application state. Currently an application is either deployed or not. I 
would like to see something like:

 * Not Deployed
 * Deployed
 * Configured
 * Running

An application would be brought through those various states on its way to 
running, and would be able to "hover" in any state and have the phoenix 
kernel be aware of it.

Why you ask? Simple. I want to be able to configure an application via a 
management console.

I would like to be able to do something like this:

 1) Copy SAR into PHOENIX_HOME/apps
 2) Start phoenix
 3) Run mgmt console
 4) Configure SAR
 5) Have phoenix run SAR

1, 2 & 5 are simple. 5 is already kinda-there via the DeployerMBean 
interface, but it would have to be extended to support the extended states I 
described above (ie just activate a SAR the phoenix kernel already knows the 
URL of).

3 will mean that I'll work on a swing-based gui! I know this has been a 
desire for awhile now. Yes, this would still be via a JMX channel.

4 is the kicker. I would like to be able to deploy a SAR w/o a config.xml and 
have it generated by the mgmt gui. The blocks for the SAR are known via 
assembly.xml, perhaps blockinfo.xml could be extended to have additional 
information describing the configuration requirements of the block (xml 
schema?). The mgmt gui could expose a list of blocks, whether they had been 
configured or not, and provide a gui for configuring the block. The 
configuration could be sent back to phoenix and stored in a 
PersistentConfigurationRepository to be stored between runs of the phoenix 


hopefully that makes sense. i'd love to do this in phoenix proper rather than 
branching. i'm also curious as to how other phoenix users are handling 
configuration of their programs and what type of usage scenarios are they 
using phoenix in (isv vs inhouse).

its possible i'm going down the wrong path, and an application shouldn't be 
configured once inside of phoenix, rather there should be a standalone 
program to configure a sar. i just thought it would be neat to integrate 
w/the mgmt gui since it is mgmt and it would bootstrap the gui development.


peter royal -> proyal@apache.org

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