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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject [Announcement] new Minimal Tomcat container
Date Sat, 20 Apr 2002 12:12:00 GMT

 [ Discussion in avalon-apps-dev@jakarta.apache.org please ]

I have started an apps project that wraps MinTC 
as a block.  

MinTC is a very cool reimplementation of the Catalina interfaces.  The 
author (Christopher K. St John) has done some surgical separation of 
relevant classes from the Catalina jar, discarded the rest of the 
Catalina, and reimplemented a minimal container delivering servlet 

When making it into a block, the published service is 
org.apache.catalina.Container.  This provides way more than we had with 
the Jo! service, but in so doing is far more difficult to use.

There is much work to do, and some issues..

1) There is getLogger() in Container, so the implementing block cannot 
extend AbstractLogEnabled which has a final method of the same name. 
 Not a big problem.  It might be nice to get an adapter to route 
Catalina logging through to Phoenix's configured LogKit logger (invisibly).

2) There is an interface called Connector, and an impl called 
HttpConnector, this is instead of Cornerstone's comps.  Thus the pooling 
of connections in one Phoenix machine for a range of blocks would 
require another adapter.

- Paul

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