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From Peter Donald <pe...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [proposal] Deploying "unconfigured" & mgmt console
Date Sat, 27 Apr 2002 00:10:07 GMT
On Fri, 26 Apr 2002 04:00, Peter Royal wrote:
> (First a bit of background. The company I work for sells an application
> that is based upon phoenix, we ship phoenix proper + a SAR. Currently we
> have our installation program (InstallAnywhere) modifying specific tags in
> config.xml for the deployed app, a PITA)
> This may get a bit wandery, so I'll apoligize in advance.
>                               -o-
> I would like to introduce a new notion into the phoenix kernel, an
> application state. Currently an application is either deployed or not. I
> would like to see something like:
>  * Not Deployed
>  * Deployed
>  * Configured
>  * Running


Though I would say Deployment klifecycle goes 

Not Deployed --> Installed (or maybe Registered) --> Deployed (aka Running)

Where Installed could mean you could configure it at that time. 

> An application would be brought through those various states on its way to
> running, and would be able to "hover" in any state and have the phoenix
> kernel be aware of it.


> Why you ask? Simple. I want to be able to configure an application via a
> management console.

Fantastic. Another advantage would be that you are able to stop/restart a 
application without it disapearing from management console.

> I would like to be able to do something like this:
>  1) Copy SAR into PHOENIX_HOME/apps
>  2) Start phoenix
>  3) Run mgmt console
>  4) Configure SAR
>  5) Have phoenix run SAR
> 1, 2 & 5 are simple. 5 is already kinda-there via the DeployerMBean
> interface, but it would have to be extended to support the extended states
> I described above (ie just activate a SAR the phoenix kernel already knows
> the URL of).

works for me.

> 3 will mean that I'll work on a swing-based gui! I know this has been a
> desire for awhile now. Yes, this would still be via a JMX channel.


> 4 is the kicker. I would like to be able to deploy a SAR w/o a config.xml
> and have it generated by the mgmt gui. The blocks for the SAR are known via
> assembly.xml, perhaps blockinfo.xml could be extended to have additional
> information describing the configuration requirements of the block (xml
> schema?).

XML Scema was the plan - it would be fantastic if you could implement it ;)

> hopefully that makes sense. i'd love to do this in phoenix proper rather
> than branching. 

I would love it to be in main tree aswell ;)

> its possible i'm going down the wrong path, and an application shouldn't be
> configured once inside of phoenix, rather there should be a standalone
> program to configure a sar.

Thats the way I did it in the past but ...

>  i just thought it would be neat to integrate
> w/the mgmt gui since it is mgmt and it would bootstrap the gui development.

I lik e the sound of that ;)


Peter Donald

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