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From Leo Simons <m...@leosimons.com>
Subject Re: [proposal] Deploying "unconfigured" & mgmt console
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2002 06:51:01 GMT
Peter, a massive +1 here. This is definately what we all want to see; it
is all a question of having time to code it.

> (First a bit of background. The company I work for sells an application that 
> is based upon phoenix, we ship phoenix proper + a SAR. Currently we have our 
> installation program (InstallAnywhere) modifying specific tags in config.xml 
> for the deployed app, a PITA)

I actually have a little module within the deployed app that checks
whether some variable (CustomConfigurationSet) it gets configured with
is true. If it is not, it gets its config from somewhere else (I've got
the configs in ../conf). Very ugly hacking, it is.

> hopefully that makes sense. i'd love to do this in phoenix proper rather than 
> branching. i'm also curious as to how other phoenix users are handling 
> configuration of their programs and what type of usage scenarios are they 
> using phoenix in (isv vs inhouse).

In my current inhouse app, I'm running Jo! inside of Phoenix, in which I
run a heavily modded version of Turbine (lots of stuff ripped out that I
don't need) together with Velocity as the basis for a webapp. HTTP
connections go through the servlets, wich call Velocity to handle
everything, which uses our custom components with stuff from Turbine and
Excalibur to get/put information from/into a Firebird database.
Next thing to build for this will be a handler for other connections
(like a flash xml socket ;) that runs next to the servlet engine and
also calls velocity.

My other use cases are similar. Basically everything I write that has
some kind of server capability runs on phoenix, as well as all client
apps for those servers (which can also run standalone though).

> its possible i'm going down the wrong path, and an application shouldn't be 
> configured once inside of phoenix, rather there should be a standalone 
> program to configure a sar. i just thought it would be neat to integrate 
> w/the mgmt gui since it is mgmt and it would bootstrap the gui development.

If you look at the role separation we have, your GUI would be used by
the Deployer and Administrator. As it says on our website that "In the
future there will be more advanced methods of deploying and undeploying
Server Applications without restarting Phoenix", I'd say you shouldn't
worry about picking the wrong path.

A note though. I think default behaviour for hosted applications should
be "drop in sar, run" and whenever there would be a change it would be
"swap sar, rerun" as this will work for all applications currently
running on phoenix.

As we all really would like to go beta with phoenix, if what you want to
do requires many changes in the phoenix interfaces (everything client
apps/blocks see), there is a time constraint (undetermined as of yet...I
think Paul's our Release Manager ;) in that corner to think about...

Just thoughts. I totally support the concept.


- Leo

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