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From "David Leangen" <dlean...@canada.com>
Subject RE: Stepping Back to Move Foward
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2004 20:22:28 GMT

Dear All,

I would like to thank you for three things: first, your assurance that my
questions, as a user, are indeed important to you. This is very reassuring.
Second, your detailed replies to my questions. This has helped me to better
understand the current dynamics. Third, I very much appreciate that this
discussion is out in the open, rather than on the private lists. I have no
doubt that others feel the same way.

I would like to make a suggestion, however. Again, it is probably not my
place, but I'll risk taking the initiative anyway.

It is obvious to me that you all take Avalon to heart. This is very
reassuring. It is clear that you are all acting in what you believe to be
the best interests of all. I think that you should all be commended on such

However, from the small amount of discussion that I have seen so far, I
think that you all, not just Stephen, should try to put personal differences
aside and be more--I hate to use this word--professional.

I can certainly understand that there are frustrations. I believe that
conflict is a normal part of any community. It is how the community deals
with these conflicts that makes or breaks it.

As an example, the following:

> And more recently ...
>   4. steve is the spawn of the devil, here to corrupt the very soul
>      of the ASF
> OK - anyone who's into point 4 needs to get a life.

... is just one example of something completely unecessary. Now, before we
all go and point our fingers at Stephen, I would just like to point out that
although his words have been somewhat more direct, his are not the only ones
that are directed as personal attacks rather than discussion of the issues.
Personal attacks, no matter how polite, are still personal attacks.

I hate to make this type of post, especially as a newcomer, but I thought it
important to tell you how this discussion appears from the outside. In my
very humble opinion, I think that everybody would be much better off if
everyone were able to concentrate on the issues and not on their
frustrations with personal members.

Again, I very much appreciate your explanations of the current situation. I
hope to see the current issues resolved in a positive, professional, and
respectful manner, no matter what may have happened in the past.


PS - If you would like me, as a neutral outsider, to act as a mediator, it
would be my pleasure to do so.

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