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From J Aaron Farr <fa...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Stephen McConnell as a committer
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2004 02:07:37 GMT
pnb@scancoin.se wrote:
> I have heard some stories about politics at Avalon, but being new, ignorant 
> and only interested in the technical aspect of Merlin/Avalon, I think
> Stephen 
> would be a major asset for the project to activate more, if he wants.
> So, the purpose of this vote is to give Stephen McConnell a more active role
> in the projects code base by granting him committer status.

I wanted to give some closure to this vote.

As for myself I agree completely with Leif.  I move that the vote is 
tabled and we wait for the Board decision on the Metro TLP which will 
occur this Wednesday.  If for some reason the TLP proposal is postponed 
or rejected, then we should reopen this vote.

I appreciate Niclas's work in applying the patches for Stephen.  I 
applied a few myself early on, but haven't had much time lately.  One 
trouble is that since the patches are showing up in the mailing list 
instead of JIRA there's no way to know what got patched and what didn't 
unless you also watch the SVN commit logs.  So it might be easier if 
Stephen used JIRA to submit the patches, that way we could be sure they 
get committed.  That's only my suggestion though.  If the mailing list 
approach is working, then there's no pressing reason to change.


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