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From Peter Neubauer <pe...@neubauer.se>
Subject RE: Triggers and the deployment model
Date Sun, 26 Sep 2004 18:13:09 GMT
On Mon, 2004-09-27 at 19:54 +0200, Andreas Oberhack wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> Do you want to persist the component - like CMP EntityBeans - or do you
> want to persist the objects managed by the component?
I've not really looked at that.I was getting the thought when loking at
the db-facility is just firing up the server, so I would not call it a
facility since it doesn't do anything on its own whith the components.
it's more like one of the first containers ready to be included by a
block as a subsystem.

I think it would best in the line of Merlin to persist a component in
order to take the focus away from classes, but then it seems the
component has to expose some information on how to persist itself. Maybe
that could be a bundle of persistence descriptors per component that
describe the mappings etc. as Hibernate/JDO descriptors etc. Do you have
more thoughts on that? Maybe we could have a chat on IRC?

I just feel that this is some base functionality needed. It doesn't have
to be complicated, it should just do IoC for the triggering of the
persistence calls (update, save etc.), much like the HTTP facility that
routes the calls and no more than that.



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