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From Leo Sutic <leo.su...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Avalon Versions
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2004 22:38:04 GMT
On Mon, 12 Jul 2004 15:02:19 -0700, Niclas Hedhman <niclas@hedhman.org> wrote:
> Oops, I was actually referring to LSD, but I think you are part of the
> "baby steppers" :o) as well. I want to be a "baby stepper" when it is
> practical, and in this case it seems like the most logical thing.

Baby steps is probably the way to go, and a fork would allow you to
take those baby steps unrestricted.

If you stay with 4.x, then each baby step has to be considered in the
context of A4, Excalibur, Phoenix, etc. etc. etc.

For example, is the inclusion of Avalon Meta in the specs a baby step
or not? I'd say it is a baby step from a Merlin perspective. But not
from a Phoenix or Fortress perspective.

> > As for fork, well, any major change is in effect a fork.
> My argument is "There is no Major Change.", so the fuzz is probably
> about something else.

Aaron Farr brough up the issues: suddenly Meta and Composition + some
other things became part of the specification.

>From a Merlin perspective those APIs and contracts are tried and
tested, and promoting them to be part of the specification was a baby
step. But from a person who has only ever worked with Phoenix, it's

In order for you to achieve your vision of Avalon Planet, things must
change. A lot. I'm sure you agree that the infrastructure needed for
Avalon Planet (clearer specs, a central component repository,
searchable metadata, etc.) aren't just a two-line change. Now, whether
you get there in baby steps or in large strides doesn't matter. What
you need is some organizational framework that will allow you to move
there at all.

What you have to agree is that somewhere on the road to Avalon Planet,
you will have to abandon the 4.x version, since the specs will have
changed so much (I count additions as changes), that calling it, for
example, 4.20, isn't "right" anymore. It will have more in common with
"something else" than with Avalon 4.0. The version number should
reflect that.

What I propose is that you switch *now*, in order to get it over with,
in order to get freedom of action. If you then end up with A5 being
98% equal to A4 - fine. But you can start evolving without all this
*baggage*. You can include A4 it as a back-compat layer, making A5
completely backwards compatible with A4, but you can take A5 anywhere
you want, without regard for A4 container developers.


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