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From peter royal <peter.ro...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] End the drama
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2004 21:29:41 GMT
On Jul 13, 2004, at 5:07 PM, Bennett, Timothy (JIS/Applications) wrote:
> Let's find a different way to position Framework as part of the overall
> Avalon product going forward, while preserving it's distinction as 
> central
> player in the traditional IOC domain.

Well stated. I think that properly captures all concerns.

> Version bumping for the sake of marketing has always annoyed me.  I 
> frown
> upon it when software vendors do it, and I'd like to find a amicable
> solution that doesn't result in a marketing-driven version bump. That 
> being
> said, I want to move past this issue, and as a last resort would 
> consider
> dropping my veto.  Fair enough?

Yup. I agree that its bumping versions for marketing is also a smelly 

Mainly, it was to help your first point above.. providing proper 
separation between the past and the future. Version bumping always 
sends the proper message :)
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