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From Niclas Hedhman <nic...@hedhman.org>
Subject Re: Avalon Versions
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2004 02:23:11 GMT
Berin Loritsch wrote:

I like this post :o)
It is concrete and to the point.

> Niclas Hedhman wrote:
> That particular point isn't the issue, but how that decision process was 
> made--without the input of others who depend on framework.  

Ok. People feel bypassed in a decision process, for an item that the 
makers felt were marginal.

> but at the same time we need 
> something that isn't going to change unpredictably.  

4.1 won't change feature-wise.
You are all free to add bug-fixes to it, and since the codebase 
between 4.1 and 4.2 hasn't changed either, it is currently a 
management issue only.

>> 2. I think (but not sure) that it can't be very hard for a container 
>> to support it.
> I dunno.  Are we talking full Pico style constructor injection or more 
> simple Avalon artifacts in the constructor?  What happens when there is 
> a no argument constructor AND a constructor that accepts arguments--and 
> they are both public?

We are ONLY talking injection of "LifeCycle Artifacts", namely 
ServiceManager, Context and Configuration, which will maintain 
compatibility (perhaps not all construed examples from LSD, but that 
is not true for the JDK either) for any 4.1 component to run in a 4.2 
I think that would make the changes to the container fairly managable, 
but heck, I haven't checked all the containers, and some perhaps defer 
the creation of these artifacts until after the components has been 

> But that aside, a very real issue 
> is that Avalon Framework is a product that several projects rely on.

Assuming that the 'enhancement' can be fairly easily implemented in 
the various containers and I admit that the process wasn't exposed 
enough (since no code was changed in Framework), would you be ok with 
that we introduce a Framework Icon in the Products column on the Home 
page, which links into the Life Cycle specification and Javadocs of 
Avalon Framework??

Is this amicable?


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