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From Leo Simons <lsim...@jicarilla.org>
Subject [Fwd: Re: avalon-framework changes]
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2004 11:01:57 GMT
your wish is my command...I doubt this is more productive...

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: avalon-framework changes
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 11:06:56 +0200
From: Stephen McConnell <mcconnell@apache.org>
To: lsimons@jicarilla.org
CC: Private PMC mailing list for Avalon <pmc@avalon.apache.org>
References: <40ED04E1.40601@jicarilla.org>


Given that you message is entirely technical in nature I'll wait for you
to raise the subject on dev@avalon.

Cheers, Stephen.

Leo Simons wrote:

> Hi gang!
> Thoroughly reading up on recent developments made me issue a few very 
> loud "WTF"-style sentiments. I'll try and explain.
> Specification
> -------------
> http://avalon.apache.org/products/runtime/reference/component/lifecycle/incarnation.html

> says:
>  "A component may declare either a null constructor, or, a single
>   constructor with any lifecycle artifact as a parameter argument where
>   arguments may be in any combination or order."
> -1 (as in veto not vote) on that change in specification. Please roll it 
> back as soon as possible.
> Component writers which follow this rule when writing Avalon components 
> will create a component that is impossible to use in excalibur, cocoon, 
> james, loom, plexus, phoenix, and other software projects that aim to 
> support Avalon components. As such, it is highly backwards-incompatible 
> and "sideways-incompatible". It effectively destroys the common 
> denominator between these projects for no good reason.
> Cooperation
> -----------
> During the last Avalon reorganisation discussions (the one that resulted 
> in the formation of the Excalibur PMC, among other things) we all came 
> to the mutual understanding that the Avalon PMC would remain responsible 
> for the tender love and care for Avalon-Framework. We all hoped that 
> productive co-operation between the new PMCs would result from the 
> promoted new setup.
> A few months later, Avalon has chosen to strongly de-emphasize the 
> common ground that it has with its sister projects (ie, 
> Avalon-Framework). Worse, Avalon is on a direction where this common 
> ground is slowly but steadily destroyed.
> I am very dissapointed to see the highlighted change in effect without 
> extensive prior discussion on this mailing list and without consultation 
> with some Avalon "satellite" projects and feel this is very 
> inappropriate. I am even more dissapointed to see Avalon slowly but 
> deliberatly abandon its important role as the provider of a vital common 
> denominator between many open source projects. Most importantly, I feel 
> that the trust me and others placed in the Avalon PMC has been violated.
> Direction
> ---------
> What are we to expect? Is Avalon planning to go even further down this 
> path?
> Please note that I am not subscribed to the Avalon PMC mailing list so 
> for a reply to reach me you'll have to CC me directly.
> regards,
> - Leo Simons

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