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From Andrey Rogov <andrey.ro...@ukrpost.net>
Subject Re[2]: start
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2004 21:08:57 GMT
Hi Niclas,

I know Java well. I have many B2b applications written in STRUTS/Novell
Extend, IBM WebSphere. I would like to rewrite a business management system
in Java as I want to abandon several programming
languages, tuning/adjustment of a stand-alone office computer  ( PB
Deployment, Oracle client ), possibility to work in various operational systems. At
the moment I have many developed iBatis-based programs.
I want to find such Java framework for intraoffice applications as struts
for internet development. I heard about Avalon but never saw any examples
and do not know what it is used for. If it is meets my needs I will gladly
be using it.

I would like to rewrite my pb proposals to fit the J2EE architecture.

Thank you a lot for answer !


NH> On Tuesday 15 June 2004 01:58, Farr, Aaron wrote:

>> Isn't PowerBuilder a report tool similar to Crystal Report?

NH> Maybe one of those things advertised late at night to tone your body and that 
NH> you can store under your bed. :D

NH> Seriously, PowerBuilder from Sybase is a RAD tool, which claims support for 
NH> both J2EE and dotNet.
NH> I assume that means that PowerBuilder can output what you create, into J2EE 
NH> (let;s forget dotNet...forever) apps, or probably with some skeletal support 
NH> from Sybase wrapped around it.

NH> So;
NH> 1. You need to look at the generated output from PowerBuilder, and see if 
NH> there are any required bits from Sybase to make it run in a J2EE container.

NH> 2. Bring your questions and future venture to a J2EE-"friendly" mailing list, 
NH> since we are mostly non-J2EE freaks around here.

NH> Good Luck.
NH> Niclas

NH> Cheers
NH> Niclas

Best regards,
 Andrey                            mailto:andrey.rogov@ukrpost.net

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