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From Leo Simons <lsim...@jicarilla.org>
Subject Introducing excalibur.apache.org...
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2004 14:26:36 GMT
Hi gang!

As you may well be aware right now, Avalon-Excalibur and Avalon-Fortress 
have found a new home inside a new "top-level project" here at apache:


We're all very excited about this! With this new project, the health and 
success of excalibur and fortress is assured. In addition, friction 
between various containers (such as merlin and fortress) and their 
developers will decrease, so this move is likely to have a positive 
impact on merlin and other avalon products as well.

What is moving?
The list of avalon-hosted materials that is "moving out" is as follows:

     contains: excalibur-collections
     (also known as avalon-fortress)

in other words, the contents of the old avalon-excalibur cvs repository. 
Note this also includes all of the contents of the first excalibur 
release ("excalibur-all") from a few years back.

Where is this moving?
The download location for existing excalibur and fortress releases will 
not change. The documentation that exists for these projects on the 
avalon website (at http://avalon.apache.org/excalibur) will stay in 
place as well for the near future, until redirects to the to-be-set-up 
new website are in place.

Like avalon, excalibur has migrated from CVS to SVN. If you wish to keep 
up with the active excalibur developments, point your svn client to


Some basic instructions on the use of svn are available at


It is perhaps worth noting that all the CVS change history has been 
preserved in the move to SVN.

What about support and mailing lists?
Several new mailing lists have been set up. In the future, you are 
encouraged to direct your questions, comments, contributions and 
feedback related to excalibur to one of the excalibur mailing lists. 
Please see


for subscription information. Jira remains the place to report bugs and 
file patches; the jira ids for the various excalibur projects have not 
changed (ie EXLBR and FORTRESS), though they may in the near future. The 
ASF jira installation is at


The avalon user mailing list remains the location for questions about 
and support for avalon-framework, merlin, and all the other avalon 
materials that are not moving around. Most of the excalibur developers 
are also subscribed to the avalon mailing lists, and will remain around 
here for the foreseeable future.

How does this impact ${avalon project X}?
These changes have no impact at all to the other avalon products. Every 
bit of avalon, from merlin to framework, castle to cornerstone, it is 
all not going away. In particular, it is worth noting that decoupling of 
merlin from the excalibur code has been nearly or completely completed.

Will excalibur stay compatible?
Package names are not changing. Licenses are not changing (well, we're 
changing from the Apache License, v1.1, to the Apache License, v2.0, but 
that's old news). Developers are not leaving. Avalon-Framework remains 
at the core of everything. Nothing radical is going to happen. Your 
components and applications will keep working.

As to the million-dollar question...compatibility between merlin and 
fortress...it is there to some extent now (there are lots of components 
you can run in both merlin and fortress from the same jar file with a 
little work), but it is just not very likely there will be 100% 
portability of things like metadata and xml files anytime soon. The 
merlin developers have invested a lot of energy into making this happen, 
but it is proving more difficult than we thought at first.

I have more questions!
What are you waiting for? Hit reply! (not reply-all though)


- Leo Simons

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