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From Niclas Hedhman <nic...@hedhman.org>
Subject Re: Documentation
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 19:23:48 GMT
On Tuesday 22 June 2004 03:04, Andreas Oberhack wrote:

> 1) the xdoc -> checkout -> read / change - > check-in -> inform others etc.
> process is to slow and error prone

This can be greatly enhanced by being more 'aggresive' with the SVN, i.e. 
commit constantly (min. req. that Magic doesn't choke). Then back that up 
with an active ICQ channel to me and/or Stephen, to 'double-check' and I 
think you are pretty set.

> 2) concurrency is not handled properly or at least difficult

I have no clue what you mean here. Unlike Wiki (which blocks concurrent 
changes, SVN allows simultanous changes to the same file (with some conflict 
risks) ).

> Beside that we - or maybe only I - have multiple requirements on the xdoc
> -> output generation:

> 1) HTML based output for: our website, eclipse help etc.
> 2) Word / PDF output with various layouts: for us / my customers etc.

PDF support is on the 'Wanted" list for sure, but _I_ feel hesitant to invest 
the effort, when there is no 'specification' on the xdoc format we are using.

> My proposals:
> Maybe we could use MoinMoin as the editor for our documentation content. We
> get notification, change history, concurrency etc. for free. We could
> automatically download the content by RPC and generate the various output
> formats by velocity or what ever.
> There are limited formatting options in MoinMoin - but we can easily
> enhance those if we like.

Really? I thought we only have access to the CSS, but little else without 
calling upon our Python expert LSD.

_I_ am fairly negative to have Wiki as the primary documentation tool. How do 
you plan to do site navigation for instance?

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