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From "Farr, Aaron" <Aaron.F...@am.sony.com>
Subject RE: avalon site and magic updates
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 15:00:01 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Stephen McConnell [mailto:mcconnell@apache.org]
> Site Updates
> ------------
> I've uploaded the current state of the site build to:
>    http://www.apache.org/~mcconnell/site
> The front page artwork is disabled pending synchronization with the
> content breakdown.  Site docs for Merlin Runtime still to be complete
> include the following:
>   * execution models
>   * Unit Test package
>   * update the <classloader> spec to use <artifact>
>   * update the kernel properties page
>   * fix target example xml
>   * remove proxy info from the kernel definition
>   * update repository docs to sync with runtime
>   * disable or complete the deployment section


1. put latest generated site docs at a new SVN location (outside of trunk)
   such as:  https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/avalon/site

2. I can create a cron job which will checkout the contents of the site
   module and move them to /www/avalon.apache.org (until we're ready to
   actually go live, they'll go to my public_html directory)

This would get us back to automated site updates, replicated what we had
with CVS and Leo's scripts, and make sure that no one is directly messing
with the content under /www/avalon.apache.org.

If we like the idea, I'll set up the cron job tonight.  Then when we want to
go live, everything will be ready.

What do you think?

J. Aaron Farr
  (724) 696-7653

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