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From Timothy Bennett <exterminat...@comcast.net>
Subject Re: DBCP
Date Wed, 12 May 2004 22:09:29 GMT
Hamilton Verissimo de Oliveira (Engenharia - SPO) wrote:

> JCA is cool, although it was made for a different problem, it solves
> perfectly the connection management problem. I found no simple
> implementation out there, though. And between Geronimo and Jboss
> implementation I took Geronimo's for obvious reasons.
> While 'borrowing' their implementation works for me (and for the project I'm
> working on), it doesn't for Avalon. The geronimo code is not even beta.
> Still being refactored and a 'fork' won't be an option. Try to use his
> module won't work either cause they are bound to GBean. 

Right.  I've been following the JCA spec from the periphery for a few 
years now.  At one time, some of us at the company I used to work for 
thought about developing some JCA-compliant adapters, but for various 
reasons never really pursued it.  I've an eye on the technology though.

So... porting Geronimo's implementation is out of the question...

> So I'm back to my original proposal: work on a simple JCA implementation
> (and a JDBC bridge) within Jakarta Commons folks. Have a Facility fa├žade for
> Merlin. That would be the best for everyone. 

Basically what you are saying is someone (you) build a generic JCA-based 
connection pooling adapter in the Jakarta Commons arena, and then 
someone else (possibly me) build a Merlin facility that allows JCA 
adapters to be *plugged* into Merlin?

If that is what you are saying, there could be some interesting fallout 
for Merlin IMO.  There are a number of ERP adapters out there that you 
can buy *off the shelf* that are JCA-compliant.  These ERP adapters 
provide connections to many popular back-end business systems like SAP, 
Siebel, Oracle Financials, etc.  A JCA facade for Merlin could open the 
platform up to some interesting business deployments, in addition to the 
benefits of *your* production-quality slick little JCA-based connection 

> Struts and Tomcat are bundle with DBCP and this seems to be a big
> "warranty". Accordingly to the article the real problems of DBCP appears
> with bad usage, in other words, 'missing close()'. So if Merlin facility can
> guarantee this correct usage, go ahead and sticky with DBCP.

Well, the DBCP component/facility is practically done.  I'll attempt to 
ensure that it does not fall into the category of bad usage.  DBCP can 
be a connection pooling solution for Merlin for the near-term, 
especially in the realm of prototypes and sub-production systems.  And 
maybe some stress testing can document the limits to which it behaves 

In the meantime, maybe we can continue to have some JCA discussions and 
see where they lead.

> What do you think?
> Anyway I have a big itchy to work on a JCA implementation :-)

I think that I'm easily distracted by my itches!  Seriously, I'm 
interested in the JCA facade for Merlin for more reasons than just a 
high quality connection pool, as I stated above.  Let's keep talking 
about this.  I've got a personal roadmap of Merlin things TODO, and 
getting the HTTP-driven services ready for prime-time is at the top of 
that list.  After I finish that, let me explore the possible interest 
level of Merlin having a JCA-compliant plug-in facility within the user 
community, and maybe it would warrant a rack-and-stack operation on my 

Good stuff, hammett.


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