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From Timothy Bennett <exterminat...@comcast.net>
Subject Re: Merlin and HSQL
Date Thu, 06 May 2004 00:14:33 GMT
Timothy Bennett wrote:

> Farr, Aaron wrote:
>> Sounds great.  So where can I get a copy? :)
> Keep an eye on this thread ;D

Ok... Aaron... I've got the HSQL component for merlin in working order 
for you, although it is not yet ready for official release.

The only problem is that it doesn't shutdown.  It's like the stop() 
method never is called when you do a ctrl-c in merlin.  I've still got 
this to figure out.  It used to shutdown gracefully.... :/

But the server starts up and you can make JDBC connections to it just fine.

Currently I have it deployed at:


There's three pieces:
(1) the cornerstone-db jars that is the merlin component wrapper to HSQL
(2) the HSQL 1.7.2-rc5 jar that is the HSQL third-party lib
(3) an example block of how to include the database server in your 
larger merlin app

If you want to play with the source, it's in CVS at 

When I've got an official release, it will be available in the usual 
places like dpml.net and ibiblio.org

Have fun and ping me if you need me,

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