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From Leo Simons <lsim...@jicarilla.org>
Subject Fortress TLP proposal - status update and FAQ
Date Wed, 05 May 2004 07:06:26 GMT
Hi gang!

People keep asking what's up :-D

We just finished a private vote among the proposed pmc/committer 
membership (ie the people who put their name up on the wiki) about who 
we'd propose as the PMC chair. That'll be me. I've promised to 
periodically (ie every 3 months or so) give other people chance to 
volunteer for the position, and all other usual disclaimers and humble 
comments apply!

Two votes are pending (on the Reorganization page on the wiki), for the 
name and for the mission statement. I hope we can all get consensus on 
all major points in time to send a resolution to the board in time for 
their next meeting, whenever that is.

There's been some more discussion on private e-mail and IM too. I 
thought I'd write up just a few of the important bits so it doesn't get 
lost in the shuffle.

-> Will this be a multi-container project?

yes. Simply put, there are both ECM and Fortress, and we'll keep those 
two around for at least the near future. Of course, Fortress could also 
have been dubbed ECM 2.0, so its all not as "problematic" as it seems.

-> Will there be more new containers as part of this project?

That's not the goal. The 1 project / container idea being set up right 
now is really a good idea. There might be (likely will be) new versions 
of existing containers though.

-> Could HiveMind move to this new project?

That's not the goal either. The HiveMind community is rather seperate 
from the avalon community; there's little overlap between code and 
people, and a lot of the underlying concepts are similar only on the 
surface. Besides, I don't think HiveMind would want to move; HiveMind is 
doing well at jakarta.

-> Will there be fresh and exciting new development?

Yes. An open source project without new development is not a very viable 
project ;)

-> What direction will that development be in?

It will be in line with whatever board resolution passes in the end and 
with the goals of the ASF. Besides that, the answer to this question is, 
as always, up to the committership of the new project. There's more than 
enough ideas floating around :-D.

(No, of course not, we're not going to build something like merlin or 
loom or jboss or geronimo.)

-> What will be the bylaws, mission statement, rules, process, etc?

Those things can be "set in stone" only after a board resolution, or at 
least that makes most sense. I expect something quite a lot like the 
current avalon setup (and like all the other apache TLP projects which 
are not "umbrella" projects). Don't sweat it. This will be an ASF 
project with all the usual things.

-> Will the project be open to people from project X/group X/country X?

Of course! As an ASF project, all the usual principles of 
consensus-based meritocratic development apply.

-> Will the project use subversion?

We don't know yet. We'll decide after a board resolution passes and we 
have a mailing list to use to make the decision. IMO it seems likely.

-> What if my question is not answered here?

Send it to dev@avalon.apache.org for now. If you want to ask it 
privately, you can e-mail Aaron (the avalon PMC chair; hi Aaron!), or 
me, or the Avalon PMC, or of course just about anyone else :-D.


- Leo Simons

Weblog              -- http://leosimons.com/
Component Community -- http://componentplanet.org/
Component Glue      -- http://jicarilla.org/
"We started off trying to set up a small anarchist community, but
  people wouldn't obey the rules."
                                                         -- Alan Bennett

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