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From Niclas Hedhman <nic...@hedhman.org>
Subject Re: Magic
Date Sun, 23 May 2004 03:57:17 GMT
On Sunday 23 May 2004 06:27, Leo Simons wrote:

> I would like to be able to install a couple of things into my ant lib
> dir (or something like that similary familiar, an .rpm is good too!),
> have a minimal build.xml file, and then run ant instead of some script
> (well, I really just want good integration with IDEs, gump, and existing
> build systems, including maven-based ones, and ant integration seems to
> be a good way to accomplish that).

Then you hold on for Stephen's experiment, which is trying to achieve 
something like that.

IDE integration is hard, since IDEs IMHO are not that programmer-friendly, 
when it comes to solid build support (for instance, my use of source 
filtering can get very much in the way.) But I will look into what would be 
required to provide an automagic Ant wrapper, for IDEs and similar...

To manage Gump support, I will need a Gump plugin, which is basically a Javac 
plugin with dependency resolution disabled. Gump is modified to do a "magic 
gump.build" and voila... No big deal :o)

> Oh, and of course I want AOP, groovy, j2ee, atom, web start, xml web
> service support, an emacs mode, and all other kinds of buzzword
> compliance! And at least two oreilly books about the thing. And a JSR.

:o) Of course... AFAIK, after man-years of development (compared to man-hours) 
there ain't any books for Maven either.
Buzz-word integration is just a matter of 'man-hours'.

> Seriously, groovy might be a viable alternative to bsh (or an
> experimentally supported alternative, perhaps).

I will check out groovy.
The near-term plan is to support more plugin types. First step is to allow the 
BSH ScriptFacade to re-use the compiled Java code instead of the plugin 
script files, since a class file is always compiled when a Plugin is 
Then allow for 'pure Java' plugins, and then perhaps add support additional 
scripting types. Object-Orientation is a requirement though, so some 
scripting is more or less out of the question.

And as I said, I don't know if this will proceed at all. Just fun to see have 
much could be done in virtually no time, compared to the multi-year effort 
over at Maven.

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