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From "Gonzalo Diethelm" <gonzalo.dieth...@aditiva.com>
Subject RE: J2EE, Clustering and Avalon
Date Thu, 13 May 2004 12:36:12 GMT
> From: Niclas Hedhman [mailto:niclas@hedhman.org] 

Niclas, thanks for answering.

> > 4. What (if any) is Avalon's approach to clustering?  I have never 
> > used Merlin, but I seem to remember seeing references to 
> clustering in 
> > past messages.  How is this approached in Merlin?
> Approach is yet to be determined.
> > Will it provide a "pluggable"
> > (whatever that means in this context) clustering implementation, so 
> > that I could, for example, develop my cluster-aware app in 
> > Jboss and transparently deploy it in WebLogic?
> Merlin is not some 'J2EE adapter', it is not J2EE server, or 
> in any other way 
> related to the J2EE spec (unlike JBoss and Geronimo). So, I 
> have problem to 
> see how your request could be related to Merlin.

Maybe I wasn't clear, let me try an analogy. Merlin, and many other open
source projects, abstract the mechanism used for persistency behind a policy
definition and a good set of interfaces, classes and whatever.  That is what
allows you to switch from Oracle to DB2 to MySQL without much thought, and
even move from an RDBMS to other kinds of persistence mechanisms, such as

My question is this: is the plan to have a clustering API at the
Avalon/Merlin/wherever level, so that I as a developer will be able to
program to this API, and when deployment time comes, the API will use
whatever proprietary, non-standard clustering implementation underlying in
the app server? I believe that for this to be possible, it is necessary to
define a common clustering API/service/definition, and I am trying to
understand whether anybody at Avalon is giving this some thought (I thought
Merlin was doing something in this area, but I may be totally wrong), or if
anybody knows of any other project working on this.

> Some efforts may be spent in the future to implement select 
> parts of the J2EE 
> specs into Merlin, probably in the form of a pluggable 
> facility, but it will 
> never become an EJB server.

Thank god for that.

> Niclas

Best regards,

Gonzalo Diethelm

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