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From Shash Chatterjee <sh...@badfw.org>
Subject Re: Future of Fortress
Date Sun, 11 Apr 2004 14:04:45 GMT

> Now you are touching on the "Essence of Dispute" :o)
Essence of Debate? :-)  Think positively!

> Is Avalon about Containers or about Components ?

I am no expert....I think it is about both, as it stands now.  The 
ServiceManager parts of the framework are about containers, "how do I 
get my component".  The life-cycle interfaces (and to a lesser degree, 
the meta-data) is about components.

> If it is about containers, then I am banging my head in vain, that is fairly 
> clear.

> IMHO, there are NO components out there worth the name, and IMHO Avalon should 
> take the charge and get a proper component specification in place that should 
> be as important to the Java community as the IC and "printed circuit board" 
> was to the electronics industry.

I have to agree with you.  This has long been a dream.  I think we can 
get to that eventually and strive for it.  But, we need to be pragmatic 
because of what the reality is.  Even though we are far from perfection 
in completely well-defined and portable components, we have to be able 
to use the best of what is there, from Avalon and other containers.  In 
other words, I'd love to be get to 100% interchangeable components.  In 
the meantime, I'd be grateful to be able to save 99% of the work in 
reusing a "less than perfect" component, for the price of changing a bit 
of configuration or meta-data.

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