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From Shash Chatterjee <sh...@badfw.org>
Subject Re: moving on (was Re: Opinion Gathering on Fortress)
Date Sat, 10 Apr 2004 16:59:23 GMT

> The Avalon community took a vote on this subject and decided to resolve 
> things with one architecture, one platform, one container. That decision 
> has ripple effect which your currently witnessing - but the upside is 
> that people are actually making decisions based on fact:
>     * one avalon RI
I understand that.  But as feedback before and after that vote has made 
it apparent, many users from the current base find that to be the 
incorrect decision.  New adopters of Avalon can go in droves for Merlin, 
  as they are adopting something new in any case, but that does not mean 
much for current users.  A vote happened, but nothing says that is cast 
in stone.  It is up to us as a community to review decisions on a 
continual basis, and make error corrections to the course as necessary 
(I realize, not up to me individually, since I am not even a committer). 
  It cannot be that we continually steer towards an impending shipwreck, 
just because we once took a vote and made what to many seems like a 
wrong decision.  You and others in the PMC have the power to reevaluate 
and, if necessary, correct past decisions.

> This isn't about setting a context to get framework right - its about 
> going way beyond framework and doing what Avalon has been chartered to do:
>    * component and service management
> On the context of one RI and our charter, we do have a responsibility to 
> provide a viable migration path.  I hope that you'll contribute to that 
> because there a lot of benefit in getting the migration process right. 
> That benefit is all about one community working together on one 
> platform.  Looking further out its about going beyond "containers" - 
> focusing much more on the bigger picture of an globally integrated 
> service management environment.  From this perspective the current 
> issues concerning migration are short term and addressable - and a 
> necessary part of moving on.

That is fantastic.  I look forward to great advances in service 
management, and as I said in an earlier post, really look forward to a 
migration path to Merlin and its service management capabilities.  I 
will also pitch in areas that pike my interest or need. But, we have a 
lot of inertia in existing projects that I don't ever see migrating to 
Merlin, even if there is a migration path; I see new projects starting 
to take advantage of the new capabilities.  The existing projects need 
stability in the framework interfaces, a way to get bug fixes, and take 
advantage of incremental advances in capability.

The reality is that currently Avalon is about containment.  Merlin is 
the one forging ahead, it is new, its users are new.  Why not leave 
Avalon as it is and form a new TLP for the future?  Those needing their 
mission-critical applications supported can get that.  Those needing 
advance service management can get that too.  It is a win-win for all, 
if we both support the status-quo as well as move ahead with a new 
model.  It does not need to be either or, there are enough developers 
for both.


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