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From Holger Faltinsky/Denic <faltin...@denic.de>
Subject WG: excalibur-pool bug? <max-threads>..</max-threads>
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2004 14:42:34 GMT
Hi there.

we checked the mailarchive, but unfortunately we did not find the 
information we neeed, so we are posting our question here. It should be 
very easy to answer this right away:
We are running Avalon phoenix 4.0.4 which is accompanied by 
excalibur-pool-1.0.jar and excalibur-thread-1.1.1.jar in a production 
environment. We are facing problems with the SoftResourceLimitingPool. It 
seems that unter certain conditions the preconfigured <max-threads> value 
is exceeded and from then on the pool grows fast until we run 'out of 
memory'. We work around that bug in setting the <max-threads> value to an 
unreasonable high number. We would like to eliminate this problem. 
We checked the jakarta cvs for newer released(!) version of mentioned 
libraries. We found a newer version of excalibur-pool (1.2); 
exclaibur-thread hasn't changed. Additional we downloaded the HEAD version 
of excalibur-pool from your cvs server. After we used the provided 
project.xml (maven) we got an 'excalibur-thread-2.0.jar' (confused, 
because it is cvs HEAD). 

1. Is this an known bug?
2. Is 'excalibur-pool-1.2.jar' the recommended version?
3. When is the newer version 'excalibur-pool-2.0.jar' released (no cvs 
HEAD) and provided?
4. Is there any project.xml (including junit) for excalibur-pool-1.2.jar?
5. Some guy told me something about excalibur-pool-1.1.jar, but I can't 
find. Is it recommended?

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,

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