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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [proposal] transfer of fortress and ecm
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 14:13:14 GMT

Hi Leo:

Before considering the subject of any transfer or endorsement there is 
one item that I consider to be a prerequisite responsibility that Avalon 
has toward it users.  This item is the delivery of binary compatibility 
of ECM/Fortress component within the Merlin platform.  Would the members 
your representing be willing to assist in getting this in place?


Leo Simons wrote:

> Dear Avalon PMC,
> we all know avalon has seen some rough times lately. In an attempt to 
> end this, the new direction for avalon is towards a single, unified 
> platform that will be based on the new container, avalon-merlin. It is 
> well-understood that the Avalon PMC and a substantial part of the avalon 
> community considers this the best choice for avalon, and we wish to 
> respect that choice.
> However, concerns have risen over the legacy of the older avalon 
> products, in particular avalon-fortress, avalon-ecm, and their 
> respective dependencies. We wish to ensure the continued vitality, 
> stability and availability of these products. There are many commercial 
> and non-commercial efforts based around these products, and the new 
> unified platform offers uncertainties and risk we are not prepared to 
> accept.
> There has been discussion about, and invitations, to make that work 
> within the scope of the avalon project itself, perhaps by partitioning 
> the project into distinct subprojects, splitting avalon up into multiple 
> new projects, or taking similar measures.
> After many weeks of deliberation, we can only come to the conclusion 
> that this is a way forward that is bound to fail. As has been shown over 
> the last two years, avalon is not a project where such a setup can ever 
> work productively. We feat that by going down this path, avalon as a 
> community will suffer. This will negatively impact apache and all of 
> avalon's users. We believe there's a better alternative.
> We would like to propose that apache transfers maintenance of 
> avalon-fortress and avalon-ecm over to us. We will endeavor to create a 
> stable, solid, backwards- and forwards-compatible open source project 
> where these containers and their community can prosper under the terms 
> of the Apache License in peaceful co-existence with the avalon project.
> We will briefly explain what we mean with "maintenance transfer": our 
> suggestion is that the avalon project ceases development of these 
> codebases, and transfers them to us, intact. The transfer should include 
> branding (the "fortress" and "ecm" names) and package structure (the 
> "org.apache.avalon.fortress" package and parts of the 
> "org.apache.excalibur" and "org.apache.avalon.excalibur" packages). We 
> believe such an integral transfer is the only way to ensure a continued 
> smooth user experience.
> Without getting into further details as to what such a transfer would 
> entail right away or how it should be executed, we would like to give 
> you and the rest of the avalon community the opportunity to consider the 
> pros and cons of this move, for apache, for avalon, and for our users, 
> and then let us know if you're willing to co-operate with us on this 
> issue to the ultimate benefit of all parties involved.
> sincerely,
> Sasvata Chatterjee
> Peter Donald
> Berin Loritsch
> Leif Mortenson
> Michael Nash
> Peter Royal
> Leo Simons
> Mauro Talevi
> Carsten Ziegeler
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