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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject moving on (was Re: Opinion Gathering on Fortress)
Date Sat, 10 Apr 2004 16:37:38 GMT


The Avalon community took a vote on this subject and decided to resolve 
things with one architecture, one platform, one container. That decision 
has ripple effect which your currently witnessing - but the upside is 
that people are actually making decisions based on fact:

     * one avalon RI

This isn't about setting a context to get framework right - its about 
going way beyond framework and doing what Avalon has been chartered to do:

    * component and service management

On the context of one RI and our charter, we do have a responsibility to 
provide a viable migration path.  I hope that you'll contribute to that 
because there a lot of benefit in getting the migration process right. 
That benefit is all about one community working together on one 
platform.  Looking further out its about going beyond "containers" - 
focusing much more on the bigger picture of an globally integrated 
service management environment.  From this perspective the current 
issues concerning migration are short term and addressable - and a 
necessary part of moving on.

Cheers, Stephen.

Shash Chatterjee wrote:

>> I haven't yet discovered a solution which seems perfect to me.  
>> Perhaps it is one of these but I need to give them more thought.
>> Also,  merlin is a much better candidate as a TLP.  Fortress could 
>> then stay in Avalon.
> As Leif and Hammett have said, there is no compelling reason for 
> Fortress/Phoenix users to change containers currently.  These containers 
>   need to be maintained and allowed to evolve gradually.  As also has 
> been mentioned, there are different sets of developers ready to support 
> each container.  I do not view breaking up the containers into either 
> TLPs or, alternatively, Avalon sub-projects as a bad things; that 
> politically  and administratively demarcates the 
> interface/implementation split that architecturally Avalon already has.
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